In 2014-5 Research for A Woman’s Place  was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England., The National Trust and Bexley Heritage Trust. This has seen us working more prominently in the discourse of feminism and lead to the exhibition Liberties: 40 Years Since the Sex Discrimination Act that first showed at Collyer Bristow Gallery, London in 2015 and opens on the 21st October at the Exchange, Penzance.

A Woman’s Place is a project that aims to question and address the contemporary position of women in our creative, historical and cultural landscape. It is inspired by an urgent desire to relocate the simple message of equality into the cultural fabric of today.

Using site-specific and historically significant venues, commissions and works will resonate the relationship between a woman’s interaction with space and how changing society continues to affect and influence arts practice. This project embraces contemporary art and discussion; commissions, conversations and action

The title is taken from a book by Ruth Adam (Persephone Books) that charts the role of women in society from 1910-1975, ending with the Sex Discrimination Act. Day + Gluckman curators have taken this as a perfect starting point to try and look at why we are living in a society that is currently scared of the f-word.